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Tokio Hotel concert ch18
*Ch 18*
*No one P.O.V.*
"Ok so is everyone ready for the concert tonight?" Jost asked, looking at everyone on the bus while rubbing his hands together.
He was met by a chorus of groans and sighs.
"Come on guys. This is your last concert before we go back home. Be happy that you guys get a break off after this." He said while shaking his head at the three present band members.
"Where is Bill?" He asked, just noticing the younger Kaulitz twin was missing.
"He went into the bathroom about an hour ago." Tom said looking towards Gustav.
"Oh. Where is Cat?" He asked, just noticing that one of the two girls was missing also.
The boys plus Hope all just looked at each other trying to think of what to tell Jost.
"Ummmmmm…she disappeared into the bathroom shortly after Bill went in there and they haven't come out since." Gustav said, cringing away from Jost as he said it.
Jost didn't say anything as he walked the short distance from the tour bus doors to the bathroom and did quick
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My friend is a..ch5
*No one P.O.V*
"Ok so do we just sit here the whole time?" Gustav asked Sam as they were gathering their stuff to go to second block.
"Not all the time. It's just not really busy in the mornings. I use it as the time to do homework I didn't do the night before or to catch up on sleep." Sam said smiling while holding the door open for Bill and Gustav.
"Oh." Was all Gustav said walking to catch up with Sami's fast paced walk.
"Bill is something wrong?" Sami asked, noticing the dark haired teens silence.
"Was? Oh, nein. I was just thinking." He said looking down at the short girl, noticing she had said his name.
"What class do you have next?" Gustav asked Sami, trying to get the attention off of Bill who was being unusually quiet.
"English 11." She said with a disgusted look on her face.
"You don't like it?" Gustav asked looking at her curiously.
"Not really. When we read a book then it's ok because I love to read. But otherwise I don't really like it." Sami said shaking her head.
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My Friend Is A....Ch
"Ok kids. Off to school you go." Dawn said to her three kids when she pulled up in front of their high school.
"Bye mom." Sam said getting out of the front seat and walking to the front of the school.
"Bye mom." The twins chorused together and got out to follow their older sister.
"Sami can I come sit with you in your third block again today if Mr. Nicely doesn't have us doing anything and your teacher says it's ok?" Mikey asked
"Sure I don't see why not. As long as you let me get a little of my work done though, ok?" Sam said smiling at her little brother and ruffling his hair.
"I don't see why you don't just sit back there and just like, do whatever you want. I mean you're all by yourself, how will they know if you don't do whatever it is you're supposed to be doing." Lexi said shaking her head as she walked down the hallway to her class texting the whole way.
"Um….Ms. My-Skirt-Is-Way-Too-Short, unlike you, I want to be able to know a language without cheating and this seems to
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Tokio Hotel Concert Ch17
**Ch 17**
**No one P.O.V.**
"I can't do this anymore! It's too down and depressing!" Georg said pushing the palm of his hands into his eyes then looking over at Bill and Tom, who were just looking out the window and down at the table.
"Come on now Georg, you don't like the quietness for once?" Gustav said sarcastically looking at Georg.
"I would like it better if the two over there wouldn't make it feel so depressing in here!"Georg said turning to Gustav and pointing at the two behind him.
"What's going on out here?" Cat asked walking to the front of the bus where everyone was at.
"Georg is mad coz Bill and Tom have been sitting over there since we left the mall a few hours ago." Gustav leaned around Georg who was still standing so he could look at Cat and answer her question.
"What?" She asked looking at Gustav then over to the twins who were looking at her, each one thinking different things.
"IsCatsheareok?YouIdidn'tok?meanYouwhatlookIlikesaidyouitarejustcameexaustedIswear." Bill an
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Can anyone recommend some music?

I'm really into foreign rap right now. Loving me some Samy Deluxe and Miyavi lol. But I listen to everything. Except Country, really not that into Country
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Hallo! My name is Cat ^^

What up man?! I don't get on her much, not really to post anything anymore but to just enjoy all the art out there. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle!!


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